E6 Campaign

Heart of Petraeus, Part 1

What Happened in Our First Adventure

In our first adventure, our heroes formed a not-so-merry band.

Dennis III, a Landskecht serving as bodyguard to Lord Petraeus, was tasked with leading a group into the dungeon to retrieve the artifact known as the Heart of Petraeus.

Pike Logan, a Deadeye as well as a cunning rogue and mercenary, was placed under a Lesser Geas spell to compel him to seek out the Heart. Should he choose to not seek it, his body and mind will wither under the effects of the spell.

Dan, a travelling (and slightly psychotic) Chronomancer, was passing by and found the situation amusing. He elected to join the group travelling into the dungeon.

The entrance-way to the dungeon proved perilous indeed. After noticing a tripwire with his keen eye, Dan sacrificed his unseen servant in order to set it off away from the party. And thank heavens, because it was connected to a deadly explosive!

As they exited the room, Pike and Dennis noticed a strange buzzing. Behind them, a dimensional rift opened and out flew a many-armed freak! It charged them with swords and fangs, but was blinded by Pike’s crossbow bolt. Upon reaching the party, Dennis tripped it with his Guisarme. It then reached out with a clawed arm and initiated a grapple with Pike! Dan then recognized the creature as a Xill, a hideous interplanar monstrosity which is prone to tackle opponents and paralyze them with a bite. To make matters worse, once an enemy is paralyzed, they implant eggs into the body! Not wanting Pike to befall such a gruesome fate, Dan acted quickly, stabbing the struggling Xill with a dagger and killing it.

The next room of the dungeon was a wide heath, open to the sky. There was a door on the opposite side. However, Pike’s keen vision noticed that the open, grassy field was alive! His familiarity with the dangers of the natural world allowed him to identify it as a Tendriculous, a huge carnivorous living plant with a penchant for swallowing its prey alive! Realizing that the party may not be equipped to defeat this particular foe, Dan acted fast, placing himself and the mail-clad Dennis on a floating sphere and casting Invisibility Sphere on the party. Unseen and unheard, they sneaked around the sleeping behemoth.

Upon opening the door, the found themselves in a long corridor. On the other end was a large green monster! In his surprise, Pike stepped clumsily and sent a stone skittering down the hallway. The monster, sensing their presence, began to move down the hallway. Pike readied his crossbow, but Dan stopped him. Realizing that they were still invisible, he had a plan. Backing slowly out of the hallway, Dan led Pike and Dennis (still on the floating disc) back into the open room. Situating them around the corner, he cast a Silent Image of a man walking back from the door onto the heath. Tricked by this illusion, the creature followed the Image. The party slipped back into the passageway and headed down the hallway. Behind them they could hear the creature’s unfortunate discovery of the Tendriculous, and the Tendriculous’ fortunate discovery of its lunch.

At the end of the hallway, they entered the upper deck of a combat arena. Perched in the stands, they could see a huge, hulking beast in the sands below. Dan identified it immediately as a Gray Render, a magical beast created long ago by wizards as a pet but abandoned as too stupid to make an effective familiar. What he couldn’t account for, however, was that this particular Gray Render appeared to be dead, with rotting flesh and ribs poking out from its gaunt, hollow chest. How it was still standing was beyond him. The obvious answer, to him, was to snow it in. Dan cast a Sleet Storm around the creature, and the whole of the fighting space of the arena. Bogged down by sleet and ice, the creature could only shamble towards them slowly. Pike fired a few arrows into the mess of weather, tagging the creature twice but being unable to seriously wound it. Dan began to walk through the stands, hoping to avoid the encounter.





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